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Bath Bomb - Orange + Citron


Solid bubble bath - Orange + Citron

Relax in a bubble-filled bath with our fabulous solid bubble baths! They are made of natural ingredients that create a ton of bubbles while moisturizing your skin with organic shea butter. Each bubble bath will lightly color your bath water with its dyes made of clays, plants or spices and will leave a pleasant aroma in your bathroom thanks to essential oils! Both adults and children will love it!

Directions: Hold the bubble bath under hot tap water while the bath fills up. You can also rub it gently in your hands to speed up the process. The longer the bubble bath stays under the tap, the more bubbles there will be!

Ingredients: Baking soda, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA), citric acid, coconut bewed, cream of tartar, HE grapefruit, shea butter, red clay.

Organic ingredients

The appearance may vary depending on the batch.

± 40g (about 3-4 baths)