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Design Services

Bring the Linen + Lore Home look and experience directly into your home with our design services
Convenient and personal, our styling services are designed to help your space feel put together, layered with beautifully curated items and uniquely tailored to    your home.                                                                                                                                          
Our styling package consists of 2 - 3 hours in your home styling whichever room(s) you like.  We do a quick tour of your home to see what decor items you have and then we get to work.  This can include switching things up between rooms or a more focused effort on one room with items you would like incorporated. 

Our Design Lite package is for those who need a little help pulling their design ideas together and figuring out their design style but don’t want the full design treatment.  It will consist of 2 - 3 hours in your home and then some after work on our part.   We start with a quick tour and a discussion on what you are hoping to accomplish.  It may include some quick styling and rough floor plan sketches while we are there but the main focus will be creating a mood board with some design ideas regarding furniture, art, rugs and decor items.  After our time in your home we will send you a custom mood board with our thoughts on what sort of items would work best for the ambiance you are trying to create. 

Our Full Service Design Package is for those of you who want us to do it all, and all could be one room or your entire house. We start with an in home consultation.  During this 60 - 90 minute appointment we go over the scope of your project.  We also give you lots of ideas of how you can achieve the look and feel you are after.  After the consultation we will present you with a design time estimate outlining the anticipated hours for floor plan/design boards, sourcing, the storage and handling of furniture and other sourced decor items, and the design installation.
If you choose to go ahead then the fun begins!  We go back to your home and take measurements and get to work on the design and sourcing. We follow a simple 4 step plan to work together with all our clients.  Timeframes depend on current projects and project size. Please inquire.
Step 1 - Intake
Step 2 - Decorating Plan
Step 3 - Ordering + Receiving
                                                                                  Step 4 - Styling                                                                                                               
Our styling fees are charged based on product selection and anticipated styling hours for your individual project.  After our initial 1 hour consultation, we will present you with a proposal outlining the anticipated hours and fee.                                                                                           
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