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Design Consultation

Allow us to bring the Linen + Lore Home look and experience directly into your home with our styling services.

Convenient and personal, our styling services are designed to help your home feel put together, layered with beautifully curated items and uniquely tailored to your home.
We follow a simple 4 step plan to work together with all our clients.  timeframes depend on current projects and project size. Please inquire

Step 1 - Intake
Step 2 - Decorating Plan
Step 3 - Ordering + Receiving
Step 4 - Styling
Our styling fees are charged based on product selection and anticipated styling hours for your individual project.  After our initial 60 - 90 minute consultation, we will present you with a proposal outlining the anticipated hours and fee.

Note: Design “Steps” can be revised based on level of assistance required.