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Why We Love Handmade Objects

Why We Love Handmade Objects

The first quality we value when selecting objects for our shoppe and our homes is the act of being handmade.  While there have been great technological advancements in many areas of our lives over the last century, it seems the quality of products, particularly home décor products, has steadily gone down.  It is usually easy to recognize when objects haven been made by hand or by machine, and we love recognizing those handmade touches.

There are many traditional methods of making objects that haven been passed down from generation to generation and that vary from country to country.  The process of making objects is a craftsmanship that has been taught, learned or explored.  When we were selecting our shoppe name, Lore was a front runner word that held meaning of value to us – "a particular body of knowledge or tradition; something that is learned; knowledge gained through study or experience".


We value the craft of making things because of the tradition, time, energy and materials that it takes to perfect these skills.  When you select to purchase something that has been handmade, you are supporting not only individuals and their livelihood, you are also supporting traditions, supporting the dedication it takes and usually supporting the use of natural materials (one of our other product values).

The other reason we love handmade objects is that these objects appear imperfect.  With careful examination, any handmade object will leave the maker’s hand somewhere on it and we love this very aspect.  When we see a mark or imperfection left on an object, we are reminded of the greater human story and suddenly are forced to reflect where our place is in that story.  When you place an object in your home that has been crafted by another human, you are inviting the story to enter your home and share it with others you invite in.


The objects that we invite into our homes and surround ourselves with share a story and express what we value.  Here at Linen + Lore Home we value traditions, craftsmanship and dedication to creating beautifully imperfect objects.

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